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Many people have asked me what my secret weapon is. At the beginning, I said I didn’t have one, but after comparing other people’s routines to my own, I’ve found something that I consider to be my secret weapon.
And it is having a morning routine.
I know you’ve heard it before, but most successful people do have a morning routine for a reason. First of all, you have some of the best time where there aren’t any distractions, so you can get a lot of work done.
I was resistant about adding a morning routine before college; I barely woke up on time as it was, but when I noticed that Tim Ferriss always asks his podcast listeners what their morning routine is, I knew that they were doing it for a reason.
You don’t even to do any work at the beginning, a quick meditation session or just journaling what you want to get done in the day will set you up for success.
As you become more in love with it, you can add more time to your morning routine, and you could get an hour or two of pure focus time to accomplish a lot.
You’re also doing it before going to work and before any big emergency happens that could change your day completely.
Having my morning routine made me sure that even if an emergency happens in the evening, I would consider my day a successful one.

Choose One Path

This one piece of advice I wish I knew earlier.
Why are you blogging or doing what you do? Choose one business model and follow it. So maybe you want to earn affiliate income, or you want to sell more of your products, or get money through ads.
Whatever it is, choose one model. And then choose one strategy that will help you accomplish this model and be successful.
So you may decide to focus on doing ads, or guest posting or writing those uber long posts to get more traffic. Just use one strategy that suits your needs.
And focus only on this strategy. Don’t follow any trends that may come along the way. They come and go. Focus on your strategy.
After you get that one strategy down pat, you can change things as you go and include more income streams, more traffic potentials

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