Make Money Without Google

1- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the profitable ways to earn money from blogging. Basically, you promote someone else product over a small commission. It can generate more profit as
First, you need to sign up for few affiliate programs that are relevant to your niche. You can choose products that you would like to promote to your audience. Once you get approved to be an affiliate of certain program, a special link ‘affiliate link’ will be given to you. When someone click on your affiliate link and make a purchase, you earn a commission. As simple as that.
Source: InkThemes
Before doing affiliate marketing, you should pick products that are of high quality. Don’t use products that may tarnish your blog image.
Few tips for successful affiliate marketing;
  • Choose products that are relevant to your blog.
  • Try and test the products, if possible.
  • Check their commission rates. Don’t accept any offer that has less than 5% commission rate for affiliates.
  • Always make affiliate disclosure on your blog.
  • Write fair and unbiased product reviews.
  • Don’t just throw affiliate links everywhere on your blog. Only use when necessary.
  • Drive targeted traffic to generate sales

2- Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is just another kind of blog post on your website. It should have the similar writing style and tone. The difference is that the brand pays the blogger to create a post and publish it.
However, sponsored posts can may take many forms. Some companies just want to mention their product once in a post. While other companies want bloggers to write a complete detailed review. Some brands just approach bloggers to publish a pre-written sponsored posts on their blogs for a fixed amount. In some cases, the bloggers don’t have to write the post. They just need to review the post and make little tweaks before publishing the post.
Some brands give free products in exchange of a sponsored posts. While most companies pay money.


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