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Why Only Google Plus to Improve Your SEO Efforts?
Many of us do not know the fact that Google uses the Google Plus Feed to find fresh content for its search engine. If you keep sharing your content on Google Plus with attractive pictures and content, they are more likely to get indexed. Google Plus also has an amazing feature that lets you edit your published posts whenever needed. So don’t worry if you’ve made a mistake in selecting the right stuff to promote your content.
You should always make sure that the content you publish on Google plus is worth being share by others. If many people are sharing your content,  Google Plus might automatically change your article or post link to do-follow. Though this feature is now disabled, I believe Google Plus will launch it sooner or later. For now, to your Google Plus profile.

How to Build Authority to Your Google Plus Profile?

Creating a Google Plus profile is not the only thing you need to rank a keyword. You should have good authority to your Google Plus profile, so that you can send quality backlinks whenever needed. You can make multiple Google Plus pages within your account, so use them  Initially, I would recommend only one fan page per account, which can later spread to different accounts and pages. You can follow the strategies below to improve the overall authority of your Google Plus page.

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